Wednesday, January 16, 2013

iSu LiSTeN


hai blogger dan reader

nak share sikit pasal isu yang tengah "PANAS" dalam kalangan mahasiswa/i sekarang
isu yang baru dimainkan di YOUTUBE

video yang mengundang kontroversi itu mengundang pelbagai pendapat di kalangan mahasiswa/i sendiri..
jom kita ikuti...


for all malaysian please spend 5 min of your time to watch this video, is totally worth your time, please share this video out after watching it

will you sent your children to a university like this ??

when the dude was reading his oath he said something like this "kami anak bangsa... menentang budaya songsang ,perosak bangsa dan menentang demostrasi jalanan..

Do they even know how many street demonstration Tunku abdul rahman have held during his lifetime to gain the support from the rakyat to achieved our merdeka?? (ART10 -freedom of speech/freedom of assembly)

by them calling "demonstrasi jalanan" as something songsang and perosak negara was the most fucking absurd statement i've ever heard in my life (tunku abdul rahman the father of merdeka was a perosak bangsa dan negara)

If you ask me do i mind having so many idiot people around me??,my answer is, yes i do, i fucking do !!.

you dont need to be older than someone or with a degree to talk about democracy in this country.PFFFFFFFFFFFFffffff ....just watch this video and tell me what do you think about it.

just imagine calling mahatma gandhi and nelson mendela a "perosak bangsa"

the one insulting the poor student from UUM is "MS SHARIFAH" . she said "why do we need to follow other country, if you want you should be there. i mean whats wrong with following other advance country as a guideline ??.. she is so fucking stoopidddd, i cant believed my eyes that all the student gang up and bully this poor girl


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